SAN ANTONIO - It has been close to a month since a fire took the life of San Antonio Fire Department Firefighter Scott Deem who left behind a wife, child, and another baby on the way.

The community once again is reaching out to help raise money for the family.

It waa barbecue plate benefit for one of San Antonio's bravest at Helix Sports, Spirits and Snacks on the city's north side.

"It is a beautiful thing for me because what happened is really sad, it's kind of heartbreaking, but it's also relieving to see that someone else is willing to risk their life for someone else's life," bartender Shoanti said.

"It was sad to see somebody go at such a young age with a family left behind," said the co-owner of the bar, Michael Culver.

He has friends in the Bulverde Fire Department who helped spur the idea.

"I'm always trying to get involved in the community with fundraisers helping anybody else that I can," Culver said.

He enlisted his friend and owner of Daddy's Smokin' Shack, Steve Reyes, to help with the fundraising grub including chicken and pork, sausage, rice, and beans.

"We just want to let them know that we are still thinking about them and we are not going to forget about them," Reyes said.

The family friendly event came complete with a bouncy house for the kids, a raffle, and a silent auction with all the proceeds going to the Deem family.