FLORESVILLE -- Down a quiet and serene street in Floresville is the home of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi. His neighbor said there's one thing that struck him when he found out the news of Marconi's death Sunday.

"Anger. He was a nice guy. Wouldn't hurt a fly. We'll all miss him."

The neighbor tells KENS 5 that Marconi spent a good chunk of his time... on the job.

"I liked having him living across the street because I travel and it felt good to have a police officer here."

Many told us that even though they didn't know the 20-year SAPD veteran, they feel the loss.

Marconi was from Floresville. He graduated from Floresville High School in the early 1980s. His son and daughter attended schools in Floresville, too.

The mood throughout the small town was solemn. No matter the distance, both in Floresville and San Antonio, his impact on people was huge.

Georgia Williamson visited the memorial at SAPD Headquarters and said: "I didn't know him but I know people who know him, and it doesn't take long within that community to learn who the good ones are."