PALMVIEW, Texas – One person is dead and three others injured in a drive-by shooting at an H-E-B Monday morning in the border community of Palmview.

The store, located just six miles north of the Mexico border, closed for the day.

The sole suspect, identified as 25-year-old Raul Lopez, was arraigned that same afternoon and charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Police are calling it an isolated incident that is not gang related.

Palmview Police Chief Chris Barrera said Lopez, who happens to be an employee of the same store, drove by at 3 a.m. and began shooting towards the break room window where four of his coworkers were gathered.

Mario Pulido, 48, died as a result while the other three suffered gunshot wounds and were taken to the hospital.

Lopez then left the scene and went home where he called the police and later turned himself in.

"His motive is paranoia. He felt that everybody was out to get him,” said Barrera. “He believes he didn't shoot anybody. He believes the window was bulletproof and nobody got hurt and he was just scaring people. That is what he is stating."

The shooting prompted the temporary closure of the H-E-B. KENS 5 Border Team spoke with some of their customers who tried to shop but were turned away.

Norma Diaz a regular at this H-E-B said she’s glad she wasn’t at the store with her kids at the time of the shooting. While Palmview resident Pedro Flores said he’s concerned that this could happen again, not only at this store but anywhere.

The H-E-B representatives refused to take any questions but did provide a statement for the victims’ families.

“H-E-B is known for its commitment to its people and community,” said Vice-President and General Manager Javier Avalos. “And we’re focused on assisting our partners and their families in this difficult time.”

Palmview police have yet to talk to the victims that were taken to the hospital and hear their version of the story. Meanwhile, H-E-B said it plans to reopen sometime Tuesday.