SUTHERLAND SPRINGS- Vice President Pence will meet with family members of victims Wednesday, who lost their lives or were wounded during the First Baptist Church massacre in Sutherland Springs.

Neighbors at the Valero across the street from the church, who were nearby when the shooting happened, said they hope Pence spreads the word that Sutherland Springs is a loving community despite what happened.

"We saw it, me and my fiance were outside and we saw him shooting outside," Terrie Smith, who works at the Valero, said. "First he went all around the building and we started yelling at the customers to get down, get down, there's a shooter and we crawled our way back to the store."

Smith said one of the victims ran into the store wounded.

"He had blood on his arms and his face and we didn't know what to expect," Smith said. "We let him in and that's when he told us there's a shooter inside and they're shooting everybody."

26-year-old Devin Kelley was the gunman behind the nightmare. He killed 26 people and wounded 20. Pence will speak at a vigil at Floresville High School to honor the victims.

"Everybody helps each other here, there's no hate in this community, there's lots of love," Smith said. "I hope that he will help spread the word that there are many humble people, not only just here but everywhere and if everybody comes together we can become a lot more stronger."