Seventy-two people are alive after barely escaping a fire that took down Bright Kids Daycare & Learning Center.

A few good Samaritans who happened to be driving by stopped and helped bring 63 kids and nine adults to safety as the building came crumbling down on Tuesday.

"It was just the most dreadful feeling," Brooke Reyes, a parent of two children who attend the daycare, said. "It was an ugly moment in my life that I never want to relive."

Daycare representatives said the day the fire happened, a teacher saw a spark in the ceiling and alerted her director. That's when they took action and moved the kids outside.

"As they were transitioning out that way there were good Samaritans that stopped by, because they seen the engulfed building," Sharon Scallion, a Bright Kids Daycare representative, said.

A phone call from a friend is how Reyes learned about the fire. She's one of many parents who were shocked to hear it from someone other than her children's teacher, but the daycare said there was no way to safely access the students' emergency contact information.

"The director and the assistant director tried to make an effort to go back in and get those emergency contacts," Scallion said. "It was impossible because it had already engulfed."

San Antonio Fire Department said the building's fire inspection was current and most recently done in November 2016. SAFD is still investigating how the fire started.

The kids affected by the fire are now learning at a second Bright Kids campus. The staff and families who worked and went to the now destroyed campus, lost everything in the fire. If you want to help support them, you can do so on this gofundme page.