Mosquito season is in full swing and standing water is a breeding ground for the pesky and sometimes deadly insects.

One neighborhood on the city's northeast side has been dealing with that exact problem, because they say a neighbor isn't playing nice.

"It really doesn't smell too terribly bad right now because the water has receded quite a bit, but at night you can hear the bullfrogs," Sandra, who has lived in the Glen Mist subdivision for about 20 years, said.

Although the man who owns the property adjacent to the subdivision says he has been trying to work with them, Sandra said he filled in a small waterway in the middle of his property with dirt about two years ago.

She says when it rains a lot, it pours misery.

Sandra said, "It filled the street. My car had over an inch of water in it."

Even when it doesn't rain, it's a problem. Because the water just sits there.

Sandra told us, "You can't drive through here because it's a slippery mud mess underneath all this water."

Even without measurable rainfall in quite a while we noticed about a foot of water in a back alley near what used to be what Sandra calls a creek.

"This alley never held water like this. It would always go through the creek way that was through the field," Sandra said.

The county says technically where the standing water is, "This is a platted drainage easement that allows water from the Glen Mist subdivision to drain down into his property," Renee Green added, who represents Bexar County Public Works.

But both the land where the old waterway was and the subdivision are private property so the county can only do so much.

We spoke with the owner of the grass property adjacent to the subdivision who told us the County repeatedly asked him to mow the ground which carried that water, but it was too big to make it possible, so he filled it with dirt.

Friday, he said he was unaware of the County's desire to bring the property back to its original condition but has tried to work with them.

Sandra said, "Just please let us have our way through the alley again."