SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio girl's 18th birthday happened to fall on the first day of early voting and she decided to celebrate by casting her first vote.

Kymber said although her peers don't feel like their vote counts, she believes every voice matters.

"It was something important I wanted to do. If you vote, it's going to make an impact in the world you live in. And that's what it comes down to in the end," said Kymber Ovalle, first-time voter.

Kymber wasn't the only one in her family with this milestone. Her father, a 20-year army veteran, joined Kymber at Northwest Vista College to vote. Tom has never cast a vote in nearly 50 years.

"Apathy to simply, to I don't have enough time. But it takes that type of insight from my daughter who's very young and says: Dad, I'd like to vote with you. Let’s do that. It really awakened me to the fact that a lot of us take it for granted," said Tom.

They said there wasn't a presidential election in the past that they felt more passionate about until this year. Kymber did celebrate with a birthday party afterward. Her family got her a cake with presents.