SAN ANTONIO - The tragedy in Las Vegas has many people asking, could this happen in San Antonio?

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said his team works day and night to prevent incidents like this from occurring but the Las Vegas shooting proves you never know when or where the next catastrophe could occur.

"Who would have thought that a parking lot concert would have been under fire from a window at Mandalay Bay? It's just inconceivable," Chief McManus said.

Chief McManus said law enforcement relies on intelligence and tips that indicate a crime is being planned.

"Without any intelligence in these types of events, we wind up responding," McManus said.

San Antonio hosts large events year-round including Fiesta and the city's upcoming tricentennial celebration will be one of the largest.

"We will certainly be working internally and with our federal partners and local partners to make sure that event is as safe as it can possibly be," McManus said.

So what can you do if you find yourself in an active shooter situation?

"I have two words that would best describe what someone should do in that type of situation. Get small, get real small and run for the exit if you can," McManus said.

McManus said he doesn't believe, given the information we have so far, that this could have been prevented. He also said he doesn't believe tougher gun restrictions would have made a difference.