On Election Day not only did former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura cast their ballot but also looked ahead to the future of their family by adopting a puppy named Freddy. Local animal activists hope this high-profile adoption leads to more puppy love here in San Antonio.

There are about 150 to 180 animals at the San Antonio Humane Society at any given time. All of them needing a forever home.

"For two high-profile Texans to step up and really give a chance to a shelter pet is just a great thing," said Communications Director for the San Antonio Humane Society, Felicia Nino. "It's a great example for people to see that anyone can adopt a pet."

"It really shows you can get amazing pets from an animal shelter," said Marketing and PR Manager for the Animal Defense League, Brad Wright. He added, "We have an abundance of kittens and puppies that are ready to be adopted, plus we have great adult cats and dogs that are going to give you all that love that you are looking for."

"The fact that he came out here and decided to rescue a dog shows what type of heart he has," said Brianna Silvas, who is looking to adopt a dog. She said, "Giving them a second chance and at least taking time out of your day to come out here and spend time with them I think that means a lot to the animals."

The Animal Defense League on Nacogdoches Road typically has anywhere between 250 and 400 furry friends and says the Bush's are a great example for families looking to add a loved one to their home. "We need those voices. We need people to step up and say, hey these are great dogs and cats as well, why not give them a chance give them a forever home," said Wright.

For Silvas who is looking to adopt, Marshmallow just might be the one. She said, "He's super cute. He's really friendly. He's quiet."

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For more information on how to adopt a pet from the Animal Defense League, CLICK HERE.