Active shootings, unfortunately, are the new normal. According to recent data from the FBI, one happens at least every three weeks.

On Saturday, Garden Ridge police taught residents like Albert Haddan to make the right decisions under duress.

"Even though I am a military guy, it is amazing the refresher," Haddan said.

Garden Ridge Mayor Larry Thompson said it is about teaching people what to do when danger strikes.

"It is about knowledge," the mayor said. "It is about them walking out of here on what they can do to better protect themselves and have that mind set."

Those that attended the class heard 9-1-1 calls from the Columbine High School massacre and watched videos of mock active shootings.

Garden Ridge Sergeant Steven Dennis taught the class, which is officially called “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.”

Sergeant Dennis said that the keys are to avoid, deny, and defend.

Mayor Thompson said that the small community has taught this class, as well as others, for the past couple of years. The timing is even more pertinent because January 5 just marked two months since the deadly shooting in Sutherland Springs.

"We always tend to think it is going to happen to somebody else," Mayor Thompson said. "Hope is probably not the best strategy to protect yourself and your family."

Sgt. Dennis said that hiding and waiting to die is not a survival strategy. He said you should know all your exits and act quickly and decisively.