The bulk of Frontier Airlines' flights to and from San Antonio Monday were canceled after the airline's de-icing equipment failed, according to a spokesperson with San Antonio International Airport.

Several Frontier customers took to social media about canceled flights to and from San Antonio on Monday.

Janie Urquieta, a customer in Las Vegas trying to return to San Antonio told KENS 5 she was not offered a refund and had to purchase her own rental car to drive 19 hours home.

“The airline is claiming its weather related but it's actually the airline's mechanical issue. Passengers in Las Vegas are stranded for five days in Las Vegas with no available flights, no hotel, and refund,” Urquieta messaged KENS 5.

At SAT, six inbound and six outbound Frontier Airlines flights were cancelled because the airline ran out of the necessary fluid for its de-icing equipment, according to Frontier Airlines spokesman Richard Oliver.

Oliver said since the issue was 'weather related' customers are entitled to a full refund or a rebooked flight when available.

The airline says they did offer affected customers remaining connecting flights to get them to San Antonio or to their desired destination from San Antonio. The airline spokesman said the next available connections will be Thursday and the next available non-stop flights to San Antonio are Friday.

"We are working on getting passengers reimbursed for tickets purchased on other airlines, they will be notified via email of this change in the way the cancellations were processed," Oliver said.

He was not able to say when the airline would be able to get the necessary de-icing fluid needed at San Antonio International Airport, but credited it toward an 'issue with our vendor'.

“We will continue to do everything we can at the earliest and safest opportunity,” Oliver said.