Though San Antonio students start back to school this week, those who evacuated from Hurricane Harvey out of Houston and the Coastal city areas have nowhere to go

City attractions like the Witte and the San Antonio Zoo are providing educational opportunities for students to enjoy while here in San Antonio for free.

“Very heartfelt,” Miguel Flores said holding his son before they entered the Zoo. “As a single father, it's kinda tough with money situations. So, we came up here with absolutely nothing.”

One woman was in tears as she thanked San Antonio Zoo CEO Tim Morrow for opening their doors for her and her children who had evacuated from Rockport.

“We know that there are many evacuees from Hurricane Harvey here in San Antonio,” Witte Museum President and CEO Marise McDermott said. “So, we are offering free admission to all those families.”

“It’s amazing. I mean, the boys have been cooped up for a couple of days now,” mother Cynthia Escamilla, who evacuated from League City on Friday afternoon amidst the storms, said. “Being able to get out of the house and just enjoy something as wonderful as the Witte is great."

A crisis like Hurricane Harvey can be difficult for children who get uprooted from their lives, so Morrow and the San Antonio Zoo want to provide educational opportunities for families.

“They're supposed to go to school Monday and we couldn't cause the schools were all closed, Flores said. “So, it gives us something to do besides sit at the house and watch TV.”

McDermott said it is the little bit that they can do to help the families find a couple of hours of relief from everything that happened over the weekend.

They can come visit the Zoo for free. Get their mind off of what's happening down south or in Houston,” Morrow said. “Just a chance to get outside and enjoy it with their families.”

Really want to send a big thank you out to the zoo, to Alamo Draft House and everybody that's actually really doing something for our community,” Flores said. “We appreciate it more than y'all know.”

Here is a list of some FREE opportunities for Harvey evacuees in San Antonio:


Alamo Drafthouse


SA Zoo

SA Aquarium



Sangria on the Burg

Texas Relocation Experts

Omni La Mansion Del Rio (discounted)

La Cantera Resort/spa (discounted)

Menger hotel(discounted)