Four arrests have been made in a murder that took place outside of a popular diner near downtown San Antonio in May.

According to warrant paperwork, witnesses and cell phone video helped lead police to Faith Barrientes, 17, Genie Rose Aguilar, 20, Johnny Estrada, 20, and Ruben Arellano, 21, all suspects in a May 12 murder.

Police said 24-year-old Brandon Lee Medina was found stabbed to death near Lulu's Bakery & Cafe and Motel 6 in the 900 block of North Main Avenue. They believe Medina's death occurred in part of a botched robbery attempt at the hands of the four suspects.

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Police said they were able to obtain cell phone footage of the murder from witnesses nearby the morning it happened that eventually led them to the four suspects.

The video showed two females, later identified as Barrientes and Aguilar, knocking door to door at the Motel 6 next door to Lulus Cafe. The pair went off camera for a moment before running back into the frame and jumping into a suspect vehicle.

Moments later the same video shows Medina running from the building before he is caught and stabbed to death near Lulus, allegedly by Estrada.

Johnny Estrada

A witness who was at the same scene with Medina later clarified to police what was observed in the video.
The witness told police he was with Medina at the Motel 6 where they were attempting to meet up with the two females for sex in exchange for an undisclosed amount of money. But the exchange turned out to be a setup.

The female suspects also claimed Medina’s death was the result of a robbery gone wrong. They told police they lured the men to a room before they were ambushed by Estrada and Arellano.

Ruben Arellano

The witness said he was being physically assaulted by Arellano when Medina took off running. That is when Estrada reportedly caught up to him and stabbed him to death.

All four suspects have been arrested and charged with murder. They are being held on $100,000 bonds each at the Bexar County jail.