Hundreds gathered at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Saturday for a celebration of service and sacrifice.

The ceremony was one of many taking place across the country to honor veterans near and far.

"I joined the Navy when John Kennedy said what can you do for your country," Susan D'Ambrosio, a U.S. Navy veteran, said.

Like many others who attended the gathering, D'Ambrosio answered the call to action and so did her husband.

"My father was in World War I, so I know what it is to serve," Philip D'Ambrosio, said.

They're among the 22 million living veterans across the country applauded for defending the nation.

Ricky Gonzalez's father fought in Vietnam. Now gone, Gonzalez attended the ceremony to pay tribute to his dad's memory and honor those still here who have served both at home and abroad.

"I am very proud of him because he was my hero," Gonzalez said. "If you have a veteran, just honor them, just honor them any way you can."