SAN ANTONIO - A man reformed from a life of crime has now found himself victim to the very crime he once committed.

Darrin Martin is now a soldier for the Salvation Army and is working to turn a life of crime and addiction around.

He admitted he used to be a thief.

But now, he said he's the victim after criminals burglarized his cars and mailboxes at the apartment complex where he lives off Blanco road just north of Loop 410.

He said he's been hit three times in three months with thieves stealing his credit cards, photos, and other important documents.

That's why he now has a message for those behind it.

I wasn't living an upright life so I get where these people are coming from but what I want these people to know and what I want these people to see is that things can be different,” Martin said. “I went into the Salvation Army from the suicide ward and they took me in with open arms."

Martin also lost his son to crime and said because he's seen both sides of it, he actually forgives the thieves at his apartment complex.

He just wants them to know the Salvation Army can help them and provide them with the same recovery help he's now getting.