FLORESVILLE- It could be months or years before Houston fully recovers from Hurricane Harvey's wrath, but neighbors in South Texas want them to know they're not alone.

A Floresville truck driver has been collecting donations at the Floresville Walmart Supercenter to take to flood victims.

Dozens of people loaded donations into the 18-wheeler on Tuesday. Mark Reynolds is the driver of the truck who started the effort. He was in Houston on Friday and narrowly escaped the storm. He said coming back to Floresville and watching the devastation the hurricane inspired him to do something about it.

"I just can't see the people suffering and I know they've got others," Reynolds said. "There's animals, there's babies, just everybody and everything, they need help. I've got the equipment, I'm going to use it."

Reynolds will be at the Floresville Walmart Supercenter until Tuesday evening collecting donations. On Wednesday, he will head to Houston to hand-deliver the goods.

Reynolds is making the trip alone, but said social media played a large role in getting the word out.

Almost everyone KENS 5 spoke to said they learned of the effort through Facebook or Twitter and then shared the post with others.

Reynolds said it shows the power of social media and is asking that people continue to spread the word about the donation collection since he'll return on Thursday to pick up a second load of donations to bring back to Houston.