Most parents have a responsibility to make sure their children get to and from the bus stop.

But when Crystal Gonzalez wasn't there in time to pick her son up last Tuesday, she said the Northside ISD bus driver simply left her 5-year-old son by the curb.

Gonzalez said she thought her son was at Driggers Elementary.

"I assumed he was in tutoring, I went to the school around 3:30 and noticed there were no cars parked in the front," Gonzalez said.

A teacher told Crystal her son was on the bus. She rushed to their apartment fearing the worst.

"I felt like I was in a different world in that 5 minute drive," Gonzalez said.

Crystal got home and couldn't find her son.

"I had an incident one time not too long ago where I was told my grandma passed away and my heart stopped, my body went called and that's how I felt," Gonzalez said.

Her son had gone to a neighbor's apartment.

A Northside ISD bus driver dropped him off next to this well-known cul-de-sac

"It's considered to be the devil's den. You put two and two together and tell me what you think the devil's den means," Gonzalez said.

An old spa, a broken fence, and warning signs surround the area that's often used as a turn-around for lost drivers.

"There's no excuse for you to have allowed a 5-year-old child off the bus without a parent or any type of arrangements made," Gonzalez said.

"The driver did follow district protocol," Barry Perez, spokesman for Northside ISD said.

Northside leaders said Pre-K and special needs students are the only children who have to be released to an adult when they get off a bus.

Gonzalez said she wants the district to look at its policies and make sure no students are not put in dangerous situations.

"This is a particular policy that I can tell you is going to be reviewed and consideration will be given to determine whether or not it's an appropriate policy and whether or not it needs to be addressed differently," Perez said.

"When it comes to our children we have to find a way to protect them," Gonzalez said.

As for the cul-de-sac, Northside ISD says it will take a look at that as well and determine if there is a safer place to pick up and drop off children.