SAN ANTONIO - The wrongful death civil trial against San Antonio police officer Robert Encina and the city of San Antonio is in its final days.

A jury will decide if Encina was justified in the shooting death of Marquise Jones three years ago. They will also determine if there's a price attached to the controversial officer-involved shooting.

The 23-year-old's family is suing Encina and the City of San Antonio for Jones' death. The family believes the shooting was excessive and unjustified.

Encina testified he shot Jones because he saw a gun in Jones' hand. The officer said the gun was never pointed at him, but he believed Jones was still a threat.

Encina opened fire after Jones looked over his shoulder at the officer fleeing from the drive-thru at Chacho's and Chuluccis.

According to Encina, he fired eight rounds at Jones. Investigators said one shot hit Jones in the back and killed him.

Here are five things you should know about the proceedings right now:

  • The defense will call two expert witnesses with ties to the San Antonio Police department. Former SAPD Police Chief Albert Ortiz is one of those experts. He formed the department's first officer-involved shooting unit.
  • Current police chief William McManus will return to the stand to testify for the City of San Antonio and Officer Robert Encina.
  • The defense will likely rest its case this Tuesday afternoon.
  • Closing arguments may happen this afternoon too.
  • The jury will likely get the case on Wednesday.