No parent ever wants to see dozens of sheriff's deputies, police, and emergency responders running in and out of their kid's school.

That was the site Monday at Canyon High School in New Braunfels.

No one was injured, but the scene was very realistic as officers led a suspected shooter out during a training drill.

Comal County Sheriff's deputies and New Braunfels Police officers spent an hour looking for the designated shooter in the mock event.

"It's a scenario, it's not real, but real training as real as possible so that if something like this should occur, we'll be prepared," Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds said.

First responders from all across the area participated. Even students, who are out for Spring Break, played the role of injured victims.

"The fire alarms were going off, we were trying to make it a very scary, real event," Haley Rubey, a student at Memorial Early College High School said.

Haley played a role as an injured student into today's drill.

She and her mother Lisa Rubey volunteer with the New Braunfels Community Emergency Response Team.

"We try and teach people in the community to try and be prepared for basic emergencies and what it is is to take care of yourselves and then come and be able to take care of other people," Rubey said.

"You don't want somebody to go out into an event where this actually happened and they have no clue what's going on," Haley said.

Sheriff Reynolds said the scenario-style training also helps his deputies learn to work with other first responders.

"We want to be in a situation where it's not brand new. We don't want to learn then. We'd rather make our mistakes today and correct them and be ready to go if it should ever happen," Reynolds said.

Haley said everyone passed today's test.

"And just knowing that we have people near us who are trained in this and are ready to help now, it's a great feeling," Haley said.