SAN ANTONIO- March 2 marks the 107th anniversary of the first ever military flight, which took off from Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) in 1910.

Lieutenant Benjamin Foulois was ordered to pilot the airplane and to develop it into a weapon of war. At that time, the army had no air force, and Foulois had never flown a plane.

It took him about a year to figure it out. He was granted help from the Wright brothers, but solely through written correspondence.

It's the page out of history that leaders at JBSA hope will inspire young people in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).

“It's great for them to tie to their legacy, because this is what they'll be carrying forward as they join the military,” Brigadier General Heather Pringle said.

Set to enlist in the Air Force, ROTC Cadet Raquel Rodriguez said learning about Foulois gave her a greater appreciation for those who have served before her.

“A lot of people probably thought what he had to do was impossible,” Rodriguez said. “They probably wouldn’t have believed in him at the time, but despite that he still continued to pursue his dreams.”

Foulois's legacy of overcoming doubt leaves a lesson for those following in his footsteps.

“As long as you stick to what you believe and what you are passionate about,” Rodriguez said. “You can go anywhere you want to go.” Rodriguez said.