Struggling with the decision to evacuate his home in Seguin, Neal Brodbeck has had a mentally and emotionally draining weekend.

Though he was physically safe from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, like many in Rockport, Brodbeck lost so much.

“When we realized the direct hit was going to be Rockport, that’s when we knew we were going to probably be in trouble,” Brodbeck said.

Rockport, where Hurricane Harvey first made landfall, now sits abandoned and in ruins. And families, like Neal Brodbeck’s, are left sorting through the pieces of what’s left.

“It was pretty much destruction. It was hard to see,” He said. “The roof was blown off. The debris everywhere. Power poles down. It was pretty destructive.”

Only a few days removed from the historic weather event, Brodbeck made a trip to his condo in Rockport to see what was left.

“Obviously, the insides were wet and tossed around like a tornado had hit it. Stuff was all over the place,” Brodbeck said. “

He said they didn’t stay long because they were concerned by the smell of gas, but they made a quick inventory of the units that were easily accessible.

As the president of his Condo association, he wants to start working towards rebuilding what he has lost and helping his 12 neighbors do the same. But the journey won’t be easy.

“No, it’s just terrible destruction. You don’t understand until you see it with your own eyes how bad it is. It’s going to take a long time to rebuild Rockport,” he said.

For Brodbeck and many of his neighbors, it will be a total loss that he believes could take a year or more to resolve.