With just minutes to go until the New Year, time is running out to get those fireworks you plan to set off at home.

Alamo Fireworks says they'll be open until midnight, but you need to obey the law when it comes to where you set them off.

Everyone loves a good fireworks show but some like to make sweet shows of their own with awesome fireworks sold right here at Alamo Fireworks.

Jeff and Lindsey Smith of Alamo Fireworks said, "The stand is pretty busy today even with the cold weather."

They told us the laws in place prohibiting fireworks in San Antonio are there for a reason.

Jeff said, "Cities are full of buildings, fireworks are made of fire."

He also added that when he sees the illegal use of fireworks it does more than light a fire.

"When I can see it from my stand it makes me angry because there is an extreme fire danger," Jeff said.

Setting off fireworks within San Antonio city limits isn't just dangerous, you could be slapped with a fine of up to $2,000.

In unincorporated Bexar County, it is legal to use fireworks but there are still rules.

According to the Bexar County Fire Marshall, "It is illegal to discharge fireworks within 600 feet of a hospital, sanitarium, veterinary hospital, school or church; and within 100 feet of a fuel dispensing station for flammable or combustible liquids; and to discharge fireworks at or from a motor vehicle."

To report the illegal or improper use of fireworks in Bexar County call the fireworks hotline at 210-335-FIRE, and in San Antonio to report any use of fireworks besides sparklers, call 210-207-0202.

Bexar County Fire Marshall Chris Lopez said, "We will be out patrolling and if there are issues that are going on please feel free to call."

So be smart, be safe, and have a happy New Year.