A newly-created city review board says that six San Antonio fire cadets who were dismissed this past summer should be reinstated and that their termination was not fair.

Earlier this year, the six cadets said that after being dismissed from training classes for the day, they went to a Twin Peaks and drank beer with their lunch. According to them, they were not in uniform because they thought they’d been dismissed for the day.

They were dismissed less than three months from their graduation.

At the time, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said that the cadets were told not to consume alcohol and to avoid establishments like Twin Peaks.

While the review board recommended that the six cadets be reinstated, it also recommended that two other cadets be terminated.

In a statement, Chief Hood said, in part:

“I am confident that the cadets who are reinstated understand the severity of their actions… We are glad they will get another opportunity.”