Testimony concluded on Tuesday in the wrongful death civil trial of Marquise Jones. The defense rested their case, setting up closing arguments in a long-fought legal battle.

The lawsuit against the City of San Antonio, San Antonio Police Department, and SAPD Officer Robert Encina has been ongoing ever since Encina was no-billed for shooting Jones in the back in 2015. Jones was killed while running away from the scene of a fender bender in February of 2014.

On the last day of testimony, the plaintiffs accused SAPD of tampering with evidence on the scene, ignoring and intimidating key witnesses, and leaving out critical information in their reporting to the district attorney's office.

The defense called San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and former SAPD Chief Albert Ortiz to the stand. The two separately explained what they say was a vast and complete set of evidence collected from the scene of the fatal shooting.

Both said that Encina was justified. Chief McManus also testified that their investigation stood up to scrutiny from the FBI, U.S. Attorney's Office, and Department of Justice.

But the question remains whether or not Marquise Jones had a gun and represented a threat to Officer Encina. Five witnesses in the trial said that they didn't see a gun, while three witnesses, including Encina, said that they did.

While a gun was found on the scene, it was revealed two weeks before the trial that fingerprint and DNA testing did not match up with Marquise Jones.

Both sides are set to make closing arguments on Wednesday before the jury decides whether to award any damages to the Jones family.