In the aftermath of the Sutherland Springs attack, people helped people first.

But now they are helping animals.

Wednesday In La Vernia there was an effort underway to make sure the pets and livestock of the shooting victims were taken care of.

When a plea for help for one of the families was posted on social media, the phone started ringing at the La Vernia Country Store.

Manager Wayne Dietert has answered many of the calls.

“What happened was someone said ‘Hey they have a lot of animals out there that need some care.’ So we asked for feed for the chickens, the goats, the horses, the dogs the cats, they have ducks," Dietert said.

Dietert said the response was immediate and overwhelming.

What started as an effort for one family has been robust enough to help all the victims who need it.

From the hoofed stock to the hens, all creatures great and small will not go hungry. "Somebody from Pennsylvania called and he wanted to put up a couple of thousand dollars for whatever they need," Dietert said.

The store has already delivered one pallet of supplies and has enough donations on hand for the rest of the year. "I've been a resident of Texas all my life and whatever comes up, I see people jumping in to help,” Dietert said.