FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - The word spread quick in Fayetteville after a racial slur was spotted on some particle board at the closed down City Hospital in Fayetteville. One person decided it was better to paint over it with the phrase "Love always wins."

Olivia Trimble, in a Facebook post, said that once she heard about the spray painted slur she promptly went to work. She grabbed her painting gear and went to work. She covered up the black spray painted text with a blue and pink that just simply said that love always wins.

"Washington County residents, if you see hate speech like that tagged somewhere, call or message me," she said in the Facebook post. "I will do my best to have it covered with a colorful, positive message within a couple of hours."

She said she was aware of the legal ramifications and would deal with that issue when it happens. It's clear that she wants to conquer hate with love regardless of the price she may have to pay.

Blurred out version of the original spraypainted racial slur

Trimble said as her post viral on social media, she knew this was something that everyone could do. That's why she started a Facebook group called Repaint Hate. Within 24 hours, the group has already amassed 1,029 likes.

"I've reached out to my sign painter and artist buddies all over the country and they are taking action in their communities," she said.

She hopes that communities across America can combat hate speech and bigotry anyway they can. It looks like repainting hate is the first step in that process and shows no sign of putting down the brush.