A northwest San Antonio community is on edge by a woman they call the neighbor from hell.

The woman hasn't been charged with a crime, so we're not revealing her identity.

But images captured by one neighbor explain why people on M G Road, near Potranco, are concerned.

"She pointed the gun at me and she took two shots," Victoria Butler, who snapped photos and video of the armed neighbor said.

Butler called police, but no charges were filed.

She was not injured.

Butler says the woman was shooting cats before aiming at her.

Video also shows the same neighbor pouring vinegar on neighboring lawns, which neighbors say is supposed to keep cats away.

A sign in the woman's window warns visitors to beware.

She had little to say to KENS 5 about the allegations presented against her.

"I've already gone through this with SAPD as well as animal control, so I consider that issue already resolved," the woman said.

"We know everybody wants to live in peace, but these situations have the potential to led to more serious crimes. People will eventually lose their temper and the next thing you know you have an aggravated assault, possibly a homicide," SAPD Officer Douglas Greene said.

San Antonio Police say if you're in danger call 9-1-1.

For disagreements, call a SAFFE officer. SAFFE stands for San Antonio Fear Free Environment - and there are dozens of SAFFE officers around town.

"SAFFE officers will focus on that particular situation as opposed to our patrol officers who are going call to call. A SAFFE officer can take more time with the neighborhood focusing on issues," Greene said.

Butler is willing to try anything.

"I don't want this to escalate. Does someone need to die inorder for something to happen," said Butler.

Police say don't approach a neighbor who is showing signs of aggression.

You can call a SAFFE officer through SAPD's non-emergency number, 207-SAPD or by dialing 311.

More information on SAFFE can be found by clicking here.

For information about court based resolutions, click here.