SAN ANTONIO -- Hundreds of people are thrilled Thursday afternoon now that they own a piece of the Selena makeup line by MAC.

Many of them waited hours Thursday morning just to buy one lipstick or eyeshadow. Some people waited in line since 4 a.m.

"Oh my god, I have it. She was our idol she was everything," Virginia Alvares said overjoyed.

October 5, 2016, will be a memorable day for Selena fans.

"I've always been a fan of Selena. I don’t really do makeup and stuff but when I found out I had to get it," Veronica Delgado said.

It didn't matter how old you are, what gender you are, or where you are from. It was all about the new Selena MAC makeup at North Star Mall, named for the Tejano superstar.

Ranging from $18 to $30, there's eye shadows, eyeliner, blush, brushes, and lip sticks to choose from. All the products look like something Selena may have worn and named for her songs.

If you want to look like the queen of Tejano ,you might want to call first, most stores have already sold out.