A San Antonio family says they were terrorized by San Antonio police officers in their home southwest of downtown.

The officers were carrying out multiple search warrants on Royston Avenue last Thursday when the family said police used excessive force.

SAPD said the officers were conducting a narcotics and gang investigation when they tracked down a man with a criminal history, Felix Lopez, inside a home.

Lopez's grandson, Devin Valdez, 10, was sitting on the couch when officers stormed in. Lopez was showering.

"They tried to get my grandpa out of the restroom, got him out, then started hitting him, so I tried telling them to stop and they took me to the room, and put me in handcuffs and had a gun pointed to my head," Valdez said.

The family said Devin was eventually tossed outside.

"He was able to see everything they did to him," Delia Mendoza, his grandmother said.

Delia Mendoza said her fiancée was left battered and her house covered in blood.

"His face is broke, all of his cheekbone is broken, he might lose his eye, both arms are broken, he's got a slash across his head," Mendoza said.

Mendoza said the officers ransacked her home, and even shot and killed her dog that was tied up in the backyard.

Police said they found a variety of drugs behind the home they believe belong to Lopez, who is in the hospital recovering from the incident.

"Yes, Felix has a past, they need to stop judging him because of his past," Mendoza said.

An SAPD spokesman says serving warrants is dangerous and often unpredictable.

"You have to go through that door and you don't know what to expect so you have to be mindful there are people who could be armed, there could be people trying to destroy evidence and you could have innocent kids in there that have nothing to do with what's going on and don't even know what's going on," Sgt. Jesse Salame said.

Family said it's a traumatizing event that 10-year-old Devin won't forget anytime soon.

"I didn't think police officers would do that," Valdez said.

SAPD said anyone who has a problem with an officer has the right to file a complaint with Internal Affairs.

Salame said that has not happened with this family yet.