SAN ANTONIO - Louis Trinidad said officers could have done more to save his two pit bulls after two officers came to his home Sunday night looking for his brother.

When the officers approached his driveway, Trinidad said the dogs became defensive and ran after the officers, as he's trained his dogs to do, in order to protect the home.

Trinidad said officers shot both pit bulls, killing one instantly. The second dog died Monday morning.

KENS 5 cameras captured the moment Sunday night when children and neighbors watched as that second dog fought for her life on the street. One woman described what she saw.

"The lack of awareness of what's going on with the kids on the street, people out of their houses, that I thought was unacceptable,” she said. “And then leaving the dogs there for the son to figure out what to do with the dogs, was inhumane.”

That woman also claimed the pit bulls were usually friendly dogs having been raised around children.

A preliminary report stated the dogs jumped the fence and ran towards the officers, attacking one of them.

That officer, fearing for his life, fired four to five shots towards both dogs. The report also stated one of the dogs bit the officer near his wrist, but the officer was not hurt because of a watch the officer was wearing.

Trinidad buried both dogs in his front yard not more than 24 hours after the shooting.