FLORESVILLE, Texas - A family of eight lost everything to a fire that tore through their mobile home just a day after Christmas.

Around 4 a.m. Tuesday, Ronald Ellis said he woke up to a fire at his mobile home located near Highway 181. Luckily, he got everyone out safely, including his two grandkids. However, two of their pets did not survive. Ronald's wife, Nancy, said she's still trying to make sense of the devastating loss.

"I'm just shocked. That's all I can say because this wasn't something I expected to happen. I've been going through the stuff out there and finding bits and pieces of my life," said Nancy.

Ronald said their wood stove is likely to blame.

"We've had fires in that fireplace for the last two years and never had anything like this. Something got out and caught the porch on fire. I don't know," said Ronald.

The couple said the loss of their home has been difficult for them to take in, but it's been especially hard for their grandkids.

"They're three and five years old. This is something that they've never experienced before. We have to sit down with them and explain to them what happened," said Nancy.

The family said they remain grateful that they have each other. No one in the family was injured in the fire.

"You can overcome anything if you put your mind to dealing with it one day at a time, one minute at a time and one second at a time. That's all you can do," said Nancy.

"This is probably rock bottom, I hope. I hope it doesn't get worse," said Ronald.