A family of seven managed to escape a two-alarm fire Wednesday, just a day before Thanksgiving.

The family, consisting of two adults and five children, were the only occupants inside of a 3-unit residential complex.

Angie Flores, her husband and five kids now have nowhere to go. Flores said she’s just thankful no one was hurt.

“My kids were with my neighbor, and I was at work,” said Flores. “I got here, and I couldn't get in the house. The first thing I did was go to my kids to make sure they were fine.”

Another woman, who didn’t want to be named, has family living in the townhouse next door, which also saw extensive damage.

“It’s just sad this had to happen during the holidays. I’m just grateful my daughter and granddaughter weren't in there.. because material things can be replaced,” she said.

A spokesperson with the San Antonio Fire Department, Woody Woodward, said the proximity of the homes made it harder to fight the flames.

“It’s heartbreaking for this tragedy to happen any day of the year,” said Woodward. “But on the day before Thanksgiving, it makes it a little worse,” he said.

In all, 23 SAFD units responded to the far west-side blaze that raised a second alarm in the 1200 block of Longmont Drive.

Firefighters said the family will not be able to return due to the extent of the damage.

Further details were not immediately available. The cause is still under investigation.