SAN ANTONIO - It's one of largest 9/11 Memorial Climbs in the country and it is right here in San Antonio.

The purpose of the San Antonio 110's Memorial Climb is to make sure the fallen are never forgotten.

In the San Antonio Memorial climb, participants walk the Tower of the Americas twice. In fact, that distance actually exceeds, the height of the World Trade Center Towers when firefighters in New York had to climb to rescue victims.

At 8 a.m. Monday morning, 50 agencies from across the state including Corpus Christi, Austin, Del Rio and more joined together at the Tower Of The Americas to pay tribute to their fallen brethren.

About 500 first responder not only paid tribute to the fallen firefighters who went into the towers to save others, they also paid tribute to additional fallen first responders. Seventy tags were carried by law enforcement officers for their fallen along with nine EMS.

"It was tiring but it's all worth for a good cause. It was emotional for sure knowing they did what they loved doing and died for a good cause," Javi De Los Santos said after completing his climb.

Civilians were also able to participate by entering the tower to pay their respects.

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