Technically we still have a month and a half of summer left, but for one school in the San Antonio ISD, classes are back in session

Inside Lamar Elementary, 408 kindergarteners through sixth-grade students already have those brains in action.

Lamar Elementary is piloting a new program to shorten the summer break and give more breaks throughout the year avoiding that summer brain drain.

Parents and students started arriving just after 7 a.m. with school supplies in tow. Many parents posing their student to take those embarrassing first day of school pictures.

Some of the little tikes still looked a little sleepy and not quite a camera ready, but many others were bright eyed and bushy tailed as they kicked off the school year at Lamar.

Lamar Elementary is also kicking off project-based learning and a dual language program.

Many parents said they believe the extended school year will be a good thing.

"I love the extra time the kids are going to get they are going to get focused learning and then a nice little break they are going to need and then more focused learning so I think it's great for them," Parent Melissa Saenz said.

"We believe that creating breaks during the year allows for teachers and the students to stay fresher during the year," Lamar Elementary School Principal Brian Sparks said, "and then we also believe shortening the summer next summer will help reduce summer learning loss for our families."