A San Antonio killer is making a last ditch effort in hopes of a stay of execution.

TaiChin Preyor, 46, is set to be executed on Thursday for the 2004 murder of Jami Tackett.

On Monday, the state's highest criminal court rejected his lawyer's most recent appeal for a stay. This would be Texas’ fifth execution this year. They are now appealing to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Texas and Bexar County have requested that the execution proceeds, noting that it “has been postponed for over a year in order to accommodate [Preyor] and his attorneys, but at the expense of the victims and the state’s interest in finality,” The Texas Tribune reported.

During court, Bexar County prosecutors accused Preyor of breaking into Tackett’s apartment in February of 2004. Tackett was in bed with Jason Garza, who testified that Preyor attacked and stabbed him before he ran away to call for help, The Texas Tribune reported. With Garza gone, Preyor stabbed Tackett multiple times, killing her. He was arrested at the scene.

Preyor claimed he acted in self-defense. The Texas Tribune reported that Preyor told police Tackett, who sold him drugs, had invited him over and ambushed him with Garza. Preyor told police he pulled out his knife after the two began attacking him and that he didn’t intend to hurt Tackett “that bad.”

A jury found him guilty and sentenced him to death.