SAN ANTONIO -- Christmas music echoed off the walls at the Elf Louise headquarters Thursday afternoon.

Volunteers like Desiree Luong were hard at work wrapping presents.

"We come every year," she said. "I love bringing my girls to help them understand giving to others and not thinking of themselves so much."

Over 20,000 kids in need will receive toys from this project. Luong and her daughters put a personal touch each gift they wrapped.

"We actually, we bring our own paper. We'll bring princess paper for the girls, car paper for the boys, just to add to that special touch," Luong said.

Anna Chenier has volunteered with Elf Louise for a few years now. She said San Antonio is lucky to have an organization like this.

"It's touching for sure, to imagine that there's a potential these kids wouldn't have a Christmas if this wasn't happening," Chenier said.

According to the project's executive director, Bill Harrison, roughly 5,000 volunteers will have participated when it's all said and done.

"Everybody's on the same footing as volunteers and we just have a real fun time sharing the blessings at Christmas time with the children of San Antonio," he said.

For the Luongs, it just wouldn't be the Christmas season without Elf Louise.

"It's one of our favorite family traditions and something we do every year to kind of kick off the Christmas season," Luong said.