An elderly man sitting in a local fast food restaurant seemed unaware of massive growth near and on his ear. Luckily, a law enforcement agent in the same restaurant was.

Prior to the agent's management denying access for an interview with KENS 5, we talked with him informally about an image of elderly man posted on his personal Facebook page. He said the man was an 89-year-old veteran who looked like he had maggots crawling in his ear.

*Warning Graphic* To see the full photo, click here.

KENS 5 confirmed the San Antonio Fire Department sent an EMS crew to 3239 South East Military Drive on October 18.

According to the law enforcement agent, the elderly man refused treatment because he was worried about the cost of the ambulance ride. The agent said they convinced the man to go to the hospital.

KENS 5 submitted a public records request to find out as much as law allows about the elderly victim. The San Antonio Fire Department's records division has 10 working days to respond.

Dr. Federico Ng is an internal medical doctor who is not connected to the case.

"His social connections must not be strong because somebody if not the patient should have said I should be seen for this," Ng said.

KENS 5 showed Ng a picture of the elderly victim.

"It looks like an explosion but most likely this is a cancer or some sort of infection," Ng said. "On a rare case, it would be a severe allergy."

Dr. Ng can't pinpoint what's on the man's neck without testing and examination. He did think the man was a victim of elderly neglect.

According to the Texas Department of Family Services, they investigated 83,504 cases of elderly abuse and neglect in Texas last year. That definition includes victims who ignore their own medical treatment.

In Bexar County, Family Services dealt with more than 6,700 cases in 2016 which is up by 500 cases from the previous year.

San Antonio has a 28 county region under Family Services. In 2015, they investigated 8800 cases. Last year, the number of cases spiked to 9,600.