The Texas Department of Public Safety busted a major human trafficking operation involving juveniles here in San Antonio.

The announcement came in a press release Wednesday.

Eight suspects, seven male and one female, were arrested on felony charges as a result of a “four-month long, multi-agency investigation.” Police are still on the hunt for a ninth suspect.

The suspects were charged with trafficking children and minors. Read the full list below:

· Daimien Garcia, 27, of San Antonio (trafficking of a child, trafficking of a person, and sexual assault of a child)

· Elizabeth Martinez, 31, of San Antonio (compelling prostitution of a minor)

· Keebo Hullaby, 24, of San Antonio (trafficking of a child)

· Miles Montgomery, 47, of Portland, Texas (prostitution of a minor)

· Jose Gonzales, 35, of San Antonio (prostitution)

· Cody Flores, 24, of San Antonio (prostitution)

· Christopher Ramon, 23, of San Antonio (prostitution)

· Lee Atherton, 39, of San Antonio (prostitution)

The ninth suspect police are looking for is 33-year-old Gabriel De La O of San Antonio. He is charged with the trafficking of a child and adult.