The parents of a 7-year old boy are outraged. They say their son left Las Palmas Elementary School and went home in the middle of the day. They say the school had no idea where their son was and never notified them that he was missing.

Edgewood ISD said that they're taking the incident very seriously and they're in the process of investigating exactly how this happened.

On Monday morning, 7-year-old Matteo Gonzalez walked out of Los Palmas Elementary School and went home. He was upset that he had been placed in in-school suspension and told the supervisor that he had to go to the bathroom. When he left the classroom, he exited the building and made his way home. Matteo remembered his grandmother's phone number and called her from a neighbor's home.

"Anything could have happened. He could have been run over, he could have been picked up, he could have been attacked by a dog. I was just really worried about his safety," said Eddy Lynn Estrada, Matteo's mother.

His grandmother rushed to get him, but the second-grader's parents say that the school never notified them that their son was missing.

"Once he's already found and safe, I'm still waiting on my phone to get a call from the school and I don't get nothing from nobody," said John Michael Gonzalez, Matteo's father.

Edgewood ISD said that when a student goes missing, their first priority is to find them, not necessarily to notify the parents.

"When our police department gets information that they cannot find a student, the priority is, first and foremost, to locate the student and make sure that student is safe. So once that takes place, then the other procedures for getting in contact with the family happens," said Keyhla Calderon-Lugo with Edgewood ISD.

Matteo's parents want Edgewood ISD to take a closer look at the security in their schools. Edgewood ISD said that they are looking at ways to offer that particular campus more support to prevent things like this from happening again.