Paint, a little elbow grease, and a lot of love.

That's what's going into fixing up a home where four Edgewood I-S-D students live with their grandmother, their moms, and a newborn.

Edgewood I-S-D superintendent Emilio P. Castro said the family had no furniture--not even beds to sleep in.

“Our students were literally sleeping on the floor. Sometimes the needs our scholars have our extraordinary because of their living conditions. That takes away from the focus of school.”

That all changed when Edgewood stepped in. Last week, the family was donated furniture and appliances.

The mother says she's appreciative of the help the district has given. “My son was like, ‘Mom I’m actually happy that our school helped, and not just us but every other family,’" she said.

The program will go on to help more families within the district. Edgewood student volunteers say they feel proud and feel like they're making a difference.

One student said, "For us to give back to the community, it's something special you know.”

Together, the volunteers made repairs to the home, painted the exterior, and mowed the grass. And for these students and their families, it makes the world of a difference, not just at home but at school too.