BEXAR COUNTY, Texas - Summertime in Texas means floating, boating and fishing for many, but some kids in San Antonio have never had the chance to be out on the water.

Wednesday, that changed for a group of children from the east side as they spent the day on Lake Calaveras.

7-year-old Lyana and 8-year-old Lyesha Stitt spent Wednesday on a boat on Lake Calaveras.

"I went fishing, and I almost caught a fish, but it swam away," said Lyana.

They were part of two dozen kids from the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio's east-side chapter who got a chance to learn about boating and fishing. For many of the kids, it was uncharted territory.

"A lot of these are underprivileged kids, and they never have an opportunity to go out on the water, and especially get out on a boat. It gives them something to do and something for them to be involved with," said Paul Hiers from the Flotilla Boating and Fishing Club that organized the day's events. The nonprofit is aimed at getting underprivileged youth interested in water sports.

"It's good for them to come out of their comfort zone and experience things like this because it opens up their horizons," said Mark Crump, program director for the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio's east-side chapter.

The kids said they learned important lessons.

"Don't look back, or else you might fall out of the boat," said Nyesha Stitt.

"You got to be patient," said Jaiden Crump.

Many of the kids said they hope to be back out on the water again soon.