The East Side is mourning the loss of a 4-year-old boy killed in a drive-by shooting.

De'earlvion Whitley, also known by many as 'Earl,' was laid to rest Saturday.

As a result, Harvest Time Church helped spread a message of hope and healing Saturday with an initiative called Summer Soul Saver. It's a campaign to combat violence when the temperature and crime rates tend to spike.

"We're going to rally the people and have time for healing," Pastor Jondavid De Leon of Harvest Time Church, said. "The East Side needs time to heal."

The Summer Soul Saver event provided free clothes, food, music, prayer and a safe outlet for the community to enjoy the neighborhood.

"This violence has no color line, boundary line, so as ministers we want to continue to raise the flag of Christ Jesus and say that we have the victory," De Leon said.

However, with the recent loss of 4-year-old Earl Whitley who was killed by drive-by gunmen while asleep in his family's East Side home, Pastor De Leon said it's clear the fight isn't over.

"We as citizens, residents, pastors and agencies, we want to do our part and continue rallying," De Leon said. "Continue to be the hope in the dark times."