SAN ANTONIO -- Early voting begins next week and the Bond Program will be a hot topic on the ballot. The $850 Million bond is the largest infrastructure investment in San Antonio history.

Advocates who rallied at the Port San Antonio Tuesday said a yes vote for the bond, could mean support for things like a drainage and flood control project at the industrial property that could bring in thousands of new jobs.

The city's bond program is made up of six propositions.

The first dedicates close to half a billion dollars to streets, bridges and sidewalk improvements.

The second goes to drainage and flooding improvements like the one proposed for Port San Antonio.

"This passage of the drain issue equates to businesses coming to San Antonio and jobs being created," Juan Solis, a Port San Antonio board member, said. "We have a goal of 5,000 by 2020."

Proposition three allocates funds to parks and recreation improvements.

Capitol Park Little League stands to get $2 million, which would be used for their campaign to build a new home field venue.

Initially, the plan was for them to move to McAllister Park, but that effort died as the result of a petition drive.

That's a part of the bond that doesn't sit well with some.

"It would have destroyed 67 acres of what is just about the last remaining green space of the natural wooded area," Laura Matthews, with Friends of McAllister Park, said. "We want to see the park remain the way it is today."

Proposition four focuses on upgrades to libraries and cultural facilities.

Five covers public safety facilities improvements. The sixth proposition allocates funds for neighborhood improvements.

"We're not going to satisfy everyone," District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana, said. "But $850 Million would do a great deal to satisfy big problems we have in the city."

The bond will not increase taxes but the city would have to borrow the funds over the course of five years.