SAN ANTONIO -- A driver of a pick-up truck who crashed into other cars injuring numerous people was allegedly suffering from a mental health crisis.

According to San Antonio police, the driver had injured himself at home before driving and that caused him to collide with other vehicles. Police did not say how he injured himself. Initially, police did not know if he was intoxicated or had collided with cars on purpose.

Tuesday around 3 p.m., police said they received multiple calls about the driver who was crossing over lanes and into oncoming traffic on the 4 thousand block of Southwest Military Drive.

"I was just in my office and I heard the noise. It was loud. I thought, oh my God this is loud," recalled Sandra Huerta, witness. "I just heard the cops coming and I thought what was that loud noise? But I didn't think it was that."

The driver ended up near the intersection of SW military drive and Bynum. He drove into the side of Steven Aldaco's mobile home. Police said the crash caused a television to hit a child who was inside the mobile home but the child did not have to get treated at a hospital.

"My wife, she stayed with the grandchildren. She came running and said, "Somebody hit us. Somebody hit the house," said Aldaco. "Things changed all of a sudden. Now we have, we have no place to go for now."

Police said the driver of the truck was combative after he crashed into the home. He was taken to a hospital to get treated for his injuries and has now been placed under emergency detention at SAMMC. The case remains under investigation.