Donald Trump came to San Antonio on Tuesday to raise cash and reassure Republicans he can still win this election. The fund raiser drew a sold-out crowd to the Grand Hyatt and energized Trump supporters who may have concerns that his most recent comments on women have split the party.

There was no comment about the video leaked on Friday, where he bragged about forcing himself on women. No mention at all.

But Donald Trump signaled this race is about to get uglier, going after Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea.

“I have so many friends in Texas. This is an amazing place,” Trump said while addressing donors.

The Republican nominee for president spoke for about an hour. The media wasn't allowed inside, but he KENS 5 caught him waving to crowds gathered in downtown San Antonio on his way out of the fundraiser.

Donors who were inside say that he warmed up the crowd talking about, what else, the San Antonio Spurs.

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But Trump was on a mission to soothe members of his rattled party as many in the GOP have disowned him or called on him to step down.

“He talked about [how] we just need to stay together as the Republicans,” said Rita Alvarez Stovall, who attended the event.

But he also left zero doubt to the crowd that this race is far from over, and it's about to get uglier as he prepares to go after Chelsea Clinton. Within the last few hours, newly leaked Clinton emails show some within her own inner circle called Chelsea a "spoiled brat."

“Hillary has always accused and criticized Trump that his father handed him $1 million so that he could start his business. How many kids get given a million dollars? Well, guess what? The emails in Wikileaks show [Chelsea] makes over $1 million working for the Clinton Foundation,” said Ana Maria Farias, who also attended the event.

Trump supporters also told KENS 5 that they believe going after Chelsea Clinton is fair game. They added that they expect Trump to go hard in the final days of the campaign. That's something his base likes, but we have yet to see what undecided voters think about it.

Trump’s visit was met by strong opposition, at times becoming aggressive. State Democrats quickly gathered to condemn Trump’s candidacy amid the growing scandal surrounding his campaign.

Emotions boiled over among supporters and protesters that showed up to the site of the Trump fundraiser.

Trump’s comments on women dominated much of the conversation, including among Democratic officials. Congressman Joaquin Castro led state Democrats in condemning Trump’s comments toward minorities, women, and others.

“This is a dangerous man for our democracy,” Congressman Castro said. “This is someone who’s authoritarian. This is someone who’s torn Americans apart.”

But as loud as any voices are, they’ll only matter in the voting booth. Tuesday was the last day to register to vote in Texas.