SAN ANTONIO -- Tucked in the corner of an office building is Sai Baba Temple.

But it's no longer a place of sanctuary for its members.

"A big disaster for the whole San Antonio community of Diwatis," said President of the temple, Phani Atluri.

On Oct. 8 the church caught fire. Alturi said it may have been an electrical issue but it's still under investigation.

"It's heartbreaking because we started as a very small group in San Antonio with the philosophy of Baba and teachings," Atluri said.

About a month later it's nearly 300 members are pushing forward as they try to rebuild and unite at the San Antonio Diwali Festival of Lights.

"Some of the funds are going to the Sai Baba Temple. We are happy to help anyway we can," said chair of the festival, Kausi Subrmaniam.

Alturi said a new temple could cost half a million dollars.

"We never realized the people are so nice genuinely, they are coming out and supporting the cause."

A GoFundMe account is also set up and Alturi has faith they will be back and praising Sai Baba soon.

For more information you can visit the GoFundMe here.