Finally, remains discovered beneath The Children's Hospital downtown can rest in peace.

Wednesday morning, descendants held a sacred reinterment ceremony following months of controversy.

"We feel that there's closure," Ramon Vasquez with American Indians in Texas said. He said he has ancestors buried there. He joined other descendants this morning at their sacred ground.

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"Laid them back to rest," Vasquez said. "We had the Catholic priest out there to consecrate the ground."

The reinterment ceremony happened in the 300 block of north Santa Rosa street at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio.

"Should have never happened. This has been a cemetery since 1808," Vasquez said. "Everybody has always known there were remains here. There's still remains under the building."

He said other early settlers of San Antonio including mayors, American Indian Canary Islanders, and Mexican soldiers can finally rest in peace.

And after a month of court battles and compromise, the hospital can move forward with constructing a prayer garden here.

Rhonda Thompson, Chief Nursing Officer at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio said that the moment they were discovered administration was notified and halted all construction in that area.

The remains were unearthed in September 2016 and have been in the custodial care of UTSA archaeologists until they were returned this morning for their final resting place.

"Spirits that might be lingering around can find their way home and find themselves at rest," Vasquez said. "It's a good feeling."