Comfort foods and sweet treats over the holidays were delicious.

Turkey gravy and pumpkin pie, while tasty, were not always on the mark with our health goals.

Some people in San Antonio are looking for a way to detox after the indulgence.

A busy mom who loves experimenting with natural ingredients to boost her health is sharing some tricks she found to get back on track.

Mary Ramirez is San Antonio’s “detox lady.” What started as a Facebook post nine months ago, has grown into a business. SA Perks receives hundreds of orders a day for detox style waters and juices.

With the holidays behind us and health goals before us, it is time to increase the vitamins and hydrate.


Ramirez says fresh ingredients go a long way in boosting her energy.

Grapefruit, cayenne, and honey are a few flavors in one of her most recent concoctions.

One of the key ingredients in many of her beverages is apple cider vinegar.

“[It is] a very powerful ingredient as well as the ginger and everything I put in the waters,” said Ramirez.


She makes it clear that she is not a doctor.

Ramirez encourages her customers to speak with their medical provider about implementing her detox waters and juices into their diet. She says at the very least the drinks are a great way to sneak variety into your meals.

“A lot of people are like, ‘I hate vegetables, I can’t stand them,’ but they actually, with these juices, they’re able to intake all their fruits and veggies,” said Ramirez.

SA Perks delivers the drinks to you. They even offer a recycling incentive for their mason jars.