It was the last thing anyone expected to see during dinner - a dead rat in a popular south side restaurant.

A customer recorded it and sent the video to KENS 5.

Hector, who wants his last name protected, said he will never forget his last meal at Lin's International Buffet on Interstate 35 in south San Antonio.

"As soon as we left, as soon as we got up, I stepped on something and as soon as I looked back it was a big rat," said Hector.

The rodent was dead next to Hector's table.

Hector and a friend recorded what they saw.

"At first I was surprised; then, I was a little bit disgusted," said Hector.

After we received the video, KENS 5 contacted the city's health department.

A spokesperson with Metro Health told us they immediately sent an inspector to check the place out.

"They did see a little bit of rodent activity in the establishment, not to the extent where we would close the establishment," said Stephen Barscewski, Metro Health's Sanitarian Service Manager.

According to their report, inspectors found rat droppings in a wait staff area behind a soda machine, at the Mongolian Grill area underneath the refrigerator, in the kitchen next to the fryers, and at a ware washing area underneath a sink.

In a follow-up visit on Wednesday, inspectors noted there were no dead or live rodents found during the inspection.

No rodent droppings were found in the areas mentioned on the initial complaint inspection.

A couple of droppings were found in the ware washing area underneath the 3 compartment sink and dishwasher.

Metro Health plans another visit soon but says the restaurant is being proactive.

"They had their pest control company out there immediately because basically, no business wants that kind of notoriety," said Barscewski.

A spokesperson for Lin's told KENS 5 they take these kinds of situations seriously but didn't have any further information to offer.

Metro Health says the restaurant is safe, though Hector isn't quite sure he's ready to go back.

"I'm not sure yet, I have to think twice before going," said Hector.

If you see a problem at a restaurant that requires the attention of Metro Health you're encouraged to call 311 to file a complaint.