BEXAR COUNTY -- This election is smashing early voting records every day in Bexar County.

And by now, you know about those long lines.

"I think I had to wait probably about 50 minutes," said Rick Hinger, who early voted at Brook Hollow Public Library.

But what happens if you physically can't stand in line for that long? There is help.

You can cast your ballot without ever getting out of your car.

"You'll have to wait in line a little bit, but it's no big problem," said Walt Hailey, an early voter at Brook Hollow Public Library.

For the elderly or disabled, waiting in line for extended periods of time is a problem.

So far, hundreds have chosen to vote curbside. It's a service exclusively for those who are physically unable to wait. The way the service works is you must call the polling site in advance to let them know you need curbside service. Then let them know when and where to meet you.

"They take the curbside voter, the person that's going to remain in the car, their ID into the site to make sure they're the registered voter," said Jacque Callanen, a Bexar County Elections Administrator.

From there, an elections clerk will bring the electronic ballot outside to you.

Many voters we spoke with were unaware of the curbside service and instead stood in line before an elections clerk moved them to the front.

"I did see other people in line that could very much use that," Hinger said.

Curbside voting is available at every site during early voting and on Election Day.

"It's just wonderful. It just saves people so much effort," Callanen said.

For a list of early voting sites in Bexar County and their hours of operation, visit